Work Tracker

Easy time recording and documentation of your jobs.

Work Tracker helps you with time recording of your jobs, activities and the documentation of your working hours.
So you never lose valuable time again!

Developed for Mac OS X or later.

Time Tracking and improving your work

Documenting your jobs

Network Time Tracking

Filter and group your jobs.

Beautiful User Interface

Planning and Cash Up Feature

Plan your future jobs
with Work Tracker's
Planning Feature.

Calculate your
earnings with the
Cash Up Feature.

Filter and group your jobs.

Search & Find.

Categorize your jobs with tags.

Find past jobs.

Enhanced for MacBook Touch Bar and optimized for macOS Sierra.

Network Time Tracking

Simply track and send working times through your local network.

All Features

With Work Tracker you are equipped with the following powerful functions:

Use Work Tracker for time recording and improving your work:

• Measure and manage your working times

• Plan your future jobs daily, weekly or on a specific date with Work Tracker's Planning Feature

• Set time limits and improve your work efficiency

Network Time Tracking:

• Simply track and send working times through your local network

• See your staffs jobs and time at a glance

• Export and edit all collected data

Documenting your jobs:

• Save your tracked time with project name, description and date as .csv or .txt file.
Get an accurate overview of your working hours or start a monthly bill for a customer

• Distribute or archive task sets via Work Tracker's document type .wotr

• You can control and document different projects, jobs or activities at the same time

• Look what you've recently done and how much time you’ve needed in the History

• Set jobs to "Done" to keep the overview

+ Enhanced for MacBook Touch Bar and optimized for macOS Sierra!

iCloud Synchronization

• Synchronize jobs between multiple Macs


• Group your jobs with tags and filter them

• Find your jobs from yesterday last Week or deep in the past

Cash Up:


• Calculate your earnings with the Cash Up feature. Enter a fixed hourly wage or assign each job an specific money value

• Export all data as .csv file

Beautiful user interface:


• Manage your time perfectly with a simple and functional user interface

• Switch between card and list representation

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